Free Denesuline Language App

Posted on Thursday February 16, 2017 at 01:22PM

Lynda Minoose, the language and culture director on the English Bay reserve made a  Denesuline language app. The description from the site:

"This Denesuline Language App was created using the Luechogh Tue (Cold Lake) way of speaking (dialect). The Roman Orthography used was adopted in early 2000 by the Daghida Project, which is the way we’ve chosen to spell the words. There are many ways of saying one thing by different people and words have not been standardized in our community. This app was created because our members are scattered all over the world and they could have access to our language in the written form and pronunciation. This is only a beginning. This is our gift to you. Enjoy."

Author: Cold Lake Public Library


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