Volunteer Policy

Intent: The Cold Lake Public Library recognizes the valuable contribution made by volunteers. The Cold Lake Public Library’s Volunteer Program creates opportunities for individuals in the community to experience personal satisfaction while performing valuable service for the community: serve as a method for area residents to become familiar with the library and supplements the efforts of paid library staff.

1. A volunteer is a person who performs tasks for the Cold Lake Public Library without wages, benefits, or compensation (including travel expenses) of any kind. Examples include individuals in the community, and the Friends of the Cold Lake Public Library (Grand Centre and Harbour View Branch).

2. Library Volunteers will not be used to supplant or displace established staff positions but rather are delegated to tasks that complement and enhance library services.

3. In acknowledgement of their invaluable contributions, volunteers are treated as staff members and are given appropriate orientation, training and recognition.

4. The recruitment, training, supervision and dismissal of volunteers are the responsibility of the Branch Supervisors.

5. Tasks that may be performed by volunteers:

  • Shelving
  • Shelf reading
  • Delivery of materials to shut-ins
  • Special projects
  • Care of library plants
  • Assistance preparing for programs


All persons wishing to volunteer at the Cold Lake Public Library, excluding those who are assigned through the Schools or Correctional Services, must submit a volunteer application form as well have as a Criminal Records Check from the RCMP completed before they are accepted as a volunteer with the Cold Lake Public Library. The completion of a Criminal Records check from the RCMP is for the protection of all parties – staff, volunteers and patrons.