Leslie recommends: 

Ester Ried by Isabella Alden.







SYNOPSIS Ester Ried was originally published in 1870. It was one of Mrs. Alden's earliest books and became her most popular work. It is the story of a young woman (18) who claims to be a Christian, but shows a lack of love, patience, and concern for her younger siblings. The work load at home is heavy. She often complains, and is irritable most of the time. The story is about her spiritual awakening to the Lord, and what it means to be a servant with a sweet and willing spirit. After "awakening" she realizes what a different effect she might have had on her younger brothers and sisters had she acted like a real Christian. God expects certain behavior from those who claim His name. This is an excellent story and would be a great book for older sisters to read!


Broken Things by Andrea Boeshaar







Favorite Heartsong author Andrea Boeshaar takes us into the world of a woman who comes face to face with broken relationships of the past. Returning to her hometown, Chicago, Allie Littenberg learns her actions had worse repercussions than she realized. Especially for Jack Callahan, the handsome Chicago cop she loved, but left. She finds Jack is now a bitter shell of a man, his tenderness erased by years of anguish. Can God use Allie to not only mend the hurts in her own family, but also bring peace to Jack, his son, and estranged wife? Allie is compelled to find out.


Hidden Things by Andrea Boeshaar







Kylie had her life all planned out—with marriage to Matthew and a happily-ever-after in their sleepy Wisconsin hometown. But when she opens a wedding invitation and a decades-old faded photograph falls out, she uncovers a side of her mother Kylie never suspected. As she digs into the past, Kylie uncovers a whole world of hidden surprises, including grandparents she never knew existed. Suddenly, Kylie faces a choice between two worlds...and doesn't feel she fits in either. As the past changes, so does her whole foundation of security. Will Kylie learn who she really is and where she fits in God's plan?


Precious Things by Andrea Boeshaar







SYNOPSIS from Barnes and Noble
The past was far behind her-at least that's what Blythe Severson thought. But then she received a wedding invitation containing a faded photograph, and old memories resurfaced. Even worse, Kylie Rollins entered her life. . . . Kylie's fresh young face-searching, wondering, and reminding Blythe of the one man she loved and lost-turns Blythe's world upside down. When T. J. enters the picture, bringing a taste of emotions Blythe thought long dead, she must summon the courage to reveal painful secrets that will end Kylie's tortured search. In ""Precious Things"", author Andrea Boeshaar brings her Faded Photographs series to a dramatic close.